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  • Packaging & Storage
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  • Exhibition logistics
  • E-commerce logistics
  • LCL Consolidation
  • Customs Clearance

Air Freight

A go-to partner in international air freight services, Spero offers reliable, tailored and competitive solutions for all the consignments with a close network of qualified professionals including carriers, sub-contractors and charter services. With our close alliance with the leading sea carriers and people of every touchpoint, at Spero, we minimize transit time and maximize ROI on the industry-specific shipping process.

Our local market specialists are highly trained and qualified at navigating and sorting out the complicated customs process to ensure the freight processed without unnecessary delay or expense.

Ocean Freight

Although air freight deemed as the most favoured freight solution for time-sensitive shipments, sea freight remains as the most established and economical choice for international logistics. At Spero, we carry out FCL (Full Container Load) & LCL (Less Container Load) making use of the most modern technology in the whole process - from shipping, tracking to delivery. The shipment tracking enables transparency of the milestone of the consignment journey.

The relationship we formed with prominent ocean carriers over the years is benefited us in undertaking and executing personal or commercial cargo at a competitive price to meet our customers’ needs and scale with future requirements.

Packaging & Storage

Warehousing and packaging is an integral part of our successful supply chain. To combat with the rapid changes in the industry, our extensive network of shared and dedicated logistics centres manage our clients’ investment risk and operational cost with timely strategic approaches and it offers best-in-class processes to add maximum value to the supply chain and enable the customers to fulfil their raised expectations.

We are the most trusted, cost-effective, efficient name in the region for long or short term packaging and warehousing. With our efficient transpiration and manpower facility, we remain top in the race delivering one-stop solution various requirements of our clients.

Land Transportation

At Spero, we provide efficient and competitive road haulage services across the UAE to fast and reliable delivery of your cargo from the port to your door. Our most modern management system in the land transpiration allows you to choose carrier and level of service you need - LTL (Less than Truckload) or FTL (Full Truckload), it helps our customers to stick with their schedules with confidence.

The fueling factor of our business is the long-lasting partnerships with our most valued asset, our customers and the network of the carrier we formed during the tenure. Our goal is to help you maximize your revenue while minimizing cost in the land freight services.

GCC Transportation Logistics

Our expertise in the field of logistics guarantees an affordable solution for your transportation requirements. We take special care to prevent any possible damage to the cargo entrusted to us from the point of pickup to delivery. Further, our extensive network ensures flawless and speedy conveyance to the desired destination.

Exhibition logistics

Apart from the transportation of commercial goods, our services also encompass exhibition logistics. We aid the smooth conduct of events like exhibitions and trade fairs by delivering exhibits with utmost care to the venue, providing safe storage and employing the necessary equipment in case of heavy freight.

E-commerce logistics

Our e-logistics team is well-versed in the processes of online sales and can thus ascertain seamless mobilization. We emphasize transparency in communication and customer satisfaction through efficient and prompt delivery. The customer’s ability to track the shipment and our precise documentation of the entire process from tracking to dispatch is key to our integrity and cost-effective working methods.

LCL (Less than Container Load) Consolidation

Our supply chains also facilitate the movement of small shipments along with larger cargo. Multiple LCL shipments can be coupled with other cargo in containers and shipped across the world. Whatever be the consignment and the route, we are outfitted to assist you.

Customs Clearance

When it comes to international cargo, we are adept in customs clearance proceedings which are imperative for punctual delivery. Since our company firmly believes in the integrity and longevity of services, we leave no stones unturned in the efficient management of import and export goods and related documents to safeguard freight transmission. Our consistent efforts have helped establish our credibility in the international trading scene.

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